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Thanksgiving Lessons and Ideas

Here are several lessons, crafts, ideas, and a turkey braille design for Thanksgiving.

Basket of harvest food that includes pumpkins, tomatoes, onions, and potatoes

As a way to celebrate what we are thankful for, here are a few lessons and ideas for our student with visual impairments. These include goals, objectives, and skills that are a baseline for learning in a fun and creative way during this time of the year.

Thankful Turkey Jar

Mason Jars with a paper turkey design using a leaf as the feathers and popsicle sticks inside the jar.
Thankful Turkey Jars

For this project we decorated jars to look like turkeys. We wrote things in braille and print that we are thankful for and attached the words onto popsicle sticks, then placed them inside the jar.

Link to directions and more pictures

Tactile Turkeys

Tactile Turkey has different textured feathers with googly eyes and textured body.
Tactile Turkey

A fun and multipurpose craft activity for Thanksgiving with students. You can also substitute some of the textured feathers for real feathers.

Link to directions and more pictures

Tree of Thanks

maple leaves in a pile
Leaves in a pile

This Thanksgiving craft gives students with visual impairments and other special needs the chance to write about what they are thankful for and is also a nice decoration.

Link to directions and photos

Turkey Braille Design

A Thanksgiving Theme braille design by Edith West

Link to designs and instructions

Parent Resource Article

Making Holiday Traditions Through Teaching is found at APH (American Printing House for the Blind) and is a short article worth reading.

Thanksgiving Books

Seedlings has three braille books for the Thanksgiving season.

The Braille Book Store also has books in braille for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving books that are in print available on Amazon.

Read Aloud

How to Catch a Turkey

A fun book that is read to us on YouTube.

November is a time to practice grace and thankfulness. Use these fun lessons and ideas while practicing our goals and learning objectives.

Thanksgiving Time Lessons and Ideas title with a tactile turkey craft.

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