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Touch Math Cards

I made these Touch Math cars for elementary students with visual impairments and additional disabilities to teach numbers and counting.

I am currently studying to be a TVI (Teacher of the Visually Impaired) and I made these Touch Math cards for an elementary special education class for Morning Group.  The students in the group have different types of visual impairments, as well as additional disabilities. 

While the Touch Math materials use manipulatives and hands-on materials, there are not always enough for each student to have a set of his or her own.  I made these cards because I thought that this group of students would benefit from having a set of cards that we could use to practice with, and to allow more direct hands-on experience with the materials.  

Together we count the Velcro dots on each number and practice identifying the numerals.  In consultation with the TVI, SLP, OT, and PT, I try to incorporate each student’s IEP goals into the morning circle routine. We use these cards for math and counting, and which also reinforces calendar skills.

  • Yellow poster board
  • Black construction paper
  • Soft sticky velcro cut into circles
  • Laminating pouches  (I laminated the black numbers to the 4 by 6 yellow cards, then cut the soft velcro sticy type to the numbers. They stick very well. I used #5 laminate, but 7 might be better. Make sure there is a good clear edge all around to keep water out. This will make it easier to clean the cards. I’ve used these for 3 years.)


Making the Cards

  • I bought the yellow poster board at Family Dollar ($1.00)
  • I then used an Ellison cut-out press to make the letters. 
  • I cut off the serif on the “1” because some students confuse it with the number “7”.)
  • I laminated the black letters onto the yellow cards and then used soft Velcro for the dots on the numbers. 

At this point the students are working on identifying print numerals and counting items in sets (1-5).  They all have an understanding of one-to-one correspondence.

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