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Activity and strategy

Tracking Activities for Pre-Braille Learners

Tactile materials can be attached to cardstock to give pre-braille students practice with tracking and other tactile skills

The following resources were made at our regular network meeting for sensory specialists from northwest authorities (UK). We gather together every 3 months to share ideas, ask advice and solve problems. For this session we made a range of resources, using tactile materials. There are some great tracking activities for pre-braillists using Wikki Stix, pasta and beads, matching games, tactile picture ideas and lots more. We had lots of fun making them, it got very competitive!
  • A range of collage materials, Wikki Stix, pasta
  • Card
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Tactile materials to promote tracking skills    Tracking activities using tactile materials

A variety of tactile materials can be glued to index cards or braille papers to work on skills such as:

  • tactile matching
  • tracking left to right
  • patterns
  • identifying same and different
  • basic concepts (long/short, thick/thin, above/below, etc.)
Diorama outdoor scene from Asia with greenery, trees, and a couple panda bears in a show box
Activity and strategy

Dioramas are a Meaningful Project Option

A little girl on happily reading a book holding a teddy bear
Activity and strategy

Creating A Story Box For Our Students With CVI

Butterfly and flowers sensory bin with plastic flowers and butterflies together with coffee beans in a two bin table. The other bin has small pots, scoops and small boxes. Around it are books with the theme and a caterpillar/butterfly house.
Activity and strategy

Sensory Bins