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Activity and strategy

Unicorn Braille Design

This unicorn braille design was created for a student who loves unicorns. Suzy Blackham has shared with us the instructions for others to also enjoy a little unicorn magic.

Update: A TVI used the Unicorn Braille Design with one of her students and then used it as an art project with watercolors!  @stacytvi

Unicorn braille design with watercolors


How many of you have a student obsessed with unicorns? I sure do!

I created these instructions as a gift for my student and spent way too much time on it not to share it with y’all.


Unicorn Directions in PDF




30 cells, 17 lines

456 means use dots 456

  • Line 1: space, [were], [wh]
  • Line 2: space, 456, [were], [wh], 6 spaces, 456, [ou], 3 spaces, 456, [ou]
  • Line 3: 2 spaces, [ow], [were], [wh], 5 spaces, 456, a, [ou], 2 spaces, 456, a, [ou]
  • Line 4: 3 spaces, [ow], 2 [were], [wh], 3 spaces, 456, 2 spaces, [ou], space, 456, 2 spaces, [ou]
  • Line 5: 4 spaces, [ow], 3 [were], [wh], space, [in], [can], [every], hyphen, [for], 2 [can], [en], hyphen, [in], [very]
  • Line 6: 5 spaces, [ow], 3 [were], [wh], [st], hyphen, [in], [with], [of], [en], [were], [can], [were], [st], [ch], hyphen, [ou]
  • Line 7: 6 spaces, [every], [en], hyphen, i, [from], 5 spaces, [ou], hyphen, number sign, hyphen, 2 [were], [for], [ou]
  • Line 8: 7 spaces, [st], 3 spaces, [was], [were], question mark, 4 spaces, [of], 2 [were], [ch], hyphen, [st], [ou]
  • Line 9: 6 spaces, [st], 4 spaces, 3 [for], 4 spaces, [of], [were], hyphen, [in], [go], hyphen, [in], [ch], [were]
  • Line 10: 5 spaces, [st], [ea], 12 spaces, [with], [for], hyphen, colon, [were], [in], [were], hyphen, [rather]Line 11: 4 spaces, [st], 2 hyphens, 11 spaces, [ow], [rather], hyphen, colon, [for], [with], hyphen, [in], exclamation point, [you]
  • Line 12: 4 spaces, 456, 2 [for], [ch], 2 spaces, hyphen, [in], 2 hyphens, [en], 4 spaces, number sign, 2 [for], colon, period, [can], 2 [were], [can]
  • Line 13: 4 spaces, [ch], 2 [for], [st], hyphen, i, 5 spaces, [ch], 4 spaces, [ch], [of], [so], [with], [of], [were], [can], exclamation point
  • Line 14: 16 spaces, [ch], 3 spaces, [st], [were], [wh], [not], [you], [st], [were], [go], [very]
  • Line 15: skip
  • Line 16: skip
  • Line 17: 10 hyphens, space, unicorn, space, 10 hyphen

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