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Charlotte Cushman

Charlotte Cushman

I am the manager of the Paths to Literacy website.

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Implications and Perspectives: Teaching to the Common Core Standards Resources 04/26/2013
Common Core Standards App Technology 04/26/2013
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Tactile Number Line Strategies 04/14/2013
A Case Study of Tack Tiles Literacy Instruction for a Student with Multiple Disabilities Including Congenital Blindness Research 04/11/2013
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Overview of Changes in Braille Code Resources 04/08/2013
Communication Technology for Persons Who Are Deafblind Resources 04/03/2013
Braille Art Resources 04/01/2013
Bookshare 101 Webinar - April 2013 Resources 04/01/2013
Spring 2013 Issue of DOTS is now available Resources 03/25/2013
Spring into Braille Reading with Hadley! Resources 03/25/2013
iOS Accessibility: Teaching the Teachers Resources 03/20/2013
Talking Graphing Calculator Technology 03/19/2013
Call for Papers: Getting in Touch with Literacy Resources 03/14/2013
Dr. Seuss Themed Activities Strategies 03/09/2013
LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial Technology 03/09/2013
An Introduction to Adaptive Math Tools for the Blind and Visually Impaired Resources 03/05/2013
Fun & Accessible Math and Number Activities Strategies 03/05/2013
Common Core State Standards: Understanding “the Basics” and Identifying Implications for Children Who Are Deaf-Blind Resources 03/03/2013
Pages: iPad Word Processing App Technology 03/03/2013
All Children Can Read Resources 02/24/2013
Online Version of Michigan Severity Rating Scales Now Available Resources 02/21/2013
Ballyland Educational Software Technology 02/21/2013
Story Box for "All You Need for a Snowman" Strategies 02/18/2013
50 Ways to Use a Light Box Resources 02/18/2013
Braillephun Resources 02/18/2013
10 Strategies for Teaching Math to Children with Visual Impairments Strategies 02/18/2013
Books for Presidents' Day Resources 02/12/2013
Modifying books for children with CVI Strategies 02/11/2013
Recordable Storybooks Resources 02/11/2013
TOTLB's Top 10 Apps for the iPad! Technology 02/08/2013
Communication Portfolios Resources 02/07/2013
Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad Resources 02/05/2013
Labeling the Environment in an Accessible Format Strategies 02/05/2013
Braille Reading Pals Club Resources 01/31/2013
Visual Fields with Luisa Mayer Resources 01/30/2013
The Black Book of Colors Resources 01/30/2013
Art for our students who are visually impaired Resources 01/29/2013
Goodnight Moon to Touch Resources 01/29/2013
Transforming Braille Resources 01/26/2013
Eyes on Success Resources 01/25/2013
Health Literacy Out Loud Resources 01/22/2013
Teaching Students with Visual Impairments Resources 01/22/2013
Child Reading "Bumpy Rolls Away" Strategies 01/17/2013
Description Key Resources 01/17/2013
Braille Creative Writing Contest Resources 01/16/2013
Making Pizza Strategies 01/16/2013
Digitizing ADA History Resources 01/10/2013
National Braille Press Launches a Blog Resources 01/10/2013
Integrating Print and Braille: A Recipe for Literacy Resources 01/06/2013
Tangible Symbols Webcast Resources 01/02/2013
"I Can Connect!" : The New National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program Resources 01/02/2013
Flying Blind: Empowerment Through Technology Resources 12/28/2012
Blind Bargains: Deals & News for the Blind & Visually Impaired Resources 12/26/2012