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Charlotte Cushman

Charlotte Cushman

I am the manager of the Paths to Literacy website.

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20 Great Android Apps for Kids with CVI or Low Vision Technology 04/21/2012
Free Braille Books Program from American Action Fund Resources 04/18/2012
Appsolutely Engaging and Educational: Introduction to iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs Resources 04/13/2012
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Learning Ally Link: Human-Read Audiobook Reader Resources 04/13/2012
Technology Objectives from Anne Arundel County Vision Program IEP Bank Technology 04/10/2012
Freeware from Duxbury Systems Resources 04/10/2012
Teaching Early Braille Literacy Skills within a Stimulus Equivalence Paradigm to Children with Degenerative Visual Impairments Research 04/09/2012
Studies of Braille Reading Rates and Implications for the Unified English Braille Code Research 04/09/2012
Teaching and Assessing the Appropriateness of Uncontracted Braille: Research Report Research 04/09/2012
A review of the literature into effective practice in teaching literacy through braille Research 04/09/2012
Communication and Emergent Literacy: Early Intervention Issues, Session 4 Resources 04/06/2012
Reading Rocks! Talking With Your Struggling Reader Resources 04/02/2012
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Working Memory and Math Problem Solving by Blind Middle and High School Students: Implications for Universal Access Research 04/02/2012
MathML Software Research Projects Research 04/02/2012
Current Research in Math for VI Students Research 04/02/2012
American Printing House for the Blind Mathematics Research Analysis Research 04/02/2012
Relating Braille Reading Difficulties to Developmental Dyslexia: First Empirical Evidence Research 04/02/2012
LD Online Resources 04/01/2012
Helping Struggling Readers Resources 04/01/2012
Reading Aloud to Children: The Evidence Research 04/01/2012
Discrimination and Comprehension of Synthetic Speech by Students with Visual Impairments: The Case of Similar Acoustic Patterns Research 04/01/2012
Coping Strategies in Reading: Multi-readers in the Norwegian General Education System Research 04/01/2012
How Speech-Feedback and Word-Prediction Software Can Help Students Write Research 04/01/2012
Beginning to Write with Word Processing: Integrating Writing Process and Technology in a Primary Classroom Research 04/01/2012
Technologies of Resistance/Resisting Technology: Braille, Computers, and Literacy for the Visually Impaired Research 04/01/2012
Technology and Early Braille Literacy: Using the Mountbatten Pro Brailler in Primary-grade Classrooms Research 04/01/2012
Blind Children's Representations of Complex Scenes in a Narrative Research 04/01/2012
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes® (LBLP) Research Project at the Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind (ISDB) Resources 04/01/2012