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Activity and strategy

Using Frequently Confused Words Correctly

Practice with frequently confused words and homonyms

  • The teacher uses the Smart board to write the definition of each word.
  • Examples of how each word is used in a sentence are modeled on the Smart board.
  • Students are given handouts to mark sentences which use the confused words in correct and incorrect fashions.
There are a number of barriers for students with visual impairments, including:
  • The visually impaired student listens to the definitions and sentence examples that are located on the Smart board.
  • Marking the printed handouts.
  • Being an active participant during real time Smart board lessons.

Some other foundational skills include:

  • The student needs to able identify the braille contractions of each word or at least know grade 1 of each word.
  • The student should be an on grade level braille reader.
  • Knowledge of how to braille using a braillewriter or Braillenote.
  • Use a screen sharing program for the student to view the Smart board notes on her iPad in an enlarged format.
  • Using her Braillenote the student will make pertinent notes on a file in her digital English folder regarding the rules of using confusing words.
  • Using the digital handout file on the Braillenote the student will review the sentences to make corrections.

It may be difficult to sync the Smart board and iPad, so the team will need to work together to be sure that this can be accomplished successfully to be sure that the student with a visual impairment is gaining access to the information at the same time as the rest of the class.

Functional skills can be incorporated into this lesson, including:
  • Listening to details
  • Having the ability to provide written communications that are grammatically correct.

The TVI can convey the following strategies to the general ed classroom teacher:

  • The teacher could provide copies of the hand-out and notes to the TVI prior to the lesson to have them prepared in braille.
  • Be as descriptive as possible when instructing at the Smart board.
  • The TVI will communicate to the teacher the importance of providing the curriculum material ahead of time for braille preparation.
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Activity and strategy