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VeeZee Publications Produce Inclusive Books and Resources to Include Emergent Literacy Learners with Low Vision

VeeZee publications produce inclusive books & resources for emergent literacy learners and students who have a visual impairment in mind.

VeeZee Publications logo, inclusive early literacy books and resources.

Words from Viola Stefano

Being a teacher myself, I realized there existed limited reading resources available for students with low vision, and decided to take matters into my own hands.

I have created Core word reading books’ and resources suitable for students with low vision, without low vision, and for students with different learning styles/needs. In addition, I have developed a Teaching Guide which offers teachers a pedagogical framework within which to operate.

Teaching Guide

The Teaching Guide is designed to create a common understanding amongst educators around the delivery and application of the Core words – included in my readers. It explains how the readers are organized; and demonstrates Core word progression steps from one reader to the next.  

VeeZee A.P.P.L.E. Teaching guide book and examples of the reading books behind the guide.

A.P.P.L.E Program

The A.P.P.L.E. (Advanced Performance Planning for Learners and Educators) Core program is designed to teach emergent literacy learners to read. It is aimed at students who are beginning to understand that print conveys a message, and to recognize letters of the alphabet and familiar words (1st year of primary school onward). My program has been developed around 55 Core words, with the focus being that children begin to recognize that the Core words as well as the surrounding words give meaning to sentences; and to use this knowledge to decode unfamiliar texts.  

The Apple Pack group of reading books.

Core Word Reading Books

Two identical pages that say, "I like the beetle." With a photo of a beetle on a flower and then a high contrast beetle picture.
Large print page and a high contrast, large print page

The Core Word reading books are available in two formats: photo readers with large black on white print, and illustrated readers with large yellow on black print. The content is identical in each format in order to create a fully inclusive experience for all students (the readers can also be used in tandem to better suit the students needs). High contrast colors have been used in the illustrated set of readers, so that students with low vision are presented with a more comfortable ‘reading’ experience. The illustrations and photos used in the readers provide backdrops for the cord words, and are age appropriate for all emergent literacy learners – irrespective of their year level at school (e.g., older students with special needs).


VeeZee Inclusive Early Literacy title with the VeeZee logo that has an open book.
Picture of three cars with the word "cars" spelled out in large font with Dr. Romans Word Bubbling around it.

CVI Learning Videos

The Yellow Book cover from the CVI Book Nook with a banana, baby duck, bowl, and button pictures.

The CVI Book Nook

LOOK logo that has the word look with an owl

Taking a “Look” at the CVI Reading Tool