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Watches: A Tactile Book for Young Braille Readers

This tactile book uses all different kinds of watches to reinforce concepts such as big and little.

I always try to pay attention to what the students I work with are most interested in and then make tactile books on those themes or using those objects.  Many children who are blind or visually impaired are drawn to watches, as they make interesting sounds, they are found on the wrists of many adults the child spends time with, there is a big variety, and they give us important information in relation to our schedules and routines.  

This is a very simple book all about watches, with one line of braille and print describing each watch,  This is a great way to work on basic concepts, such as big and little, as well as a chance to discuss the concept of time and what it means for us in our daily lives.

My wish is that all of the children we work with should have just as many books as their sighted classmates!  This inspires me to make lots of tactile books on all different topics.


  • a variety of watches (They don’t have to work, although it’s fun and interesting if they tick.)
  • heavy paper
  • braille and print text or labels
  • hot glue or velcro to attach the watches to the pages
  • binding (This can be done using metal rings, a big 3-ring notebook, or comb binding, if you have access to that.)


  • Create the book with the student, if possible.  Gather together a variety of watches and other materials.  
  • Discuss with the child what a watch is, where it is worn, and why.
  • Examine the variety of watches and how they are all the same and how they are different.
  • Write a page about watch and what makes it special.
  • Attach the watch to the page.
  • Add text in print and braille.
  • Assemble the book when all of the pages are ready.
I like the watch
I like the watch.  (This page has been well-loved and part of the watch strap has fallen off.)
Go Go Go Watch
Go Go Go Watch
Look a little watch
Look a little watch
Look a big watch
Look a big watch
Look a pretty watch
Look a pretty watch
See how the watch works
See how the watch works.
Watches collage
Student accessing the window art activity.

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