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Activity and strategy

What’s Gnu?

Activity for beginning braille readers using adaptation of What's Gnu?

A fun confidence-builder for early readers, What’s GNU? helps young players build their spelling skills and vocabularies. The object of this game is to practice spelling out 3-letter words. This can be done by choosing which letter tile will make a word, re-arranging the letters, changing a consonant or vowel to make a new word, and many other variations. Widely available in toy stores or online.

  • What’s Gnu? game
  • Dymo tape for braille adaptation
  1. Have the first player slide the Letter Getter to reveal two letter tiles
  2. Use the tiles to create three-letter words on the Word Cards.
  • The words can be increasingly complex, as a student’s level permits.
  • It is easy to put dymo-tape braille on the tiles to adapt it for students who are blind.


whats gnu collage


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