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Activity and strategy

Word Bank Binder

This activity helps students to match uncontracted braille to the contracted form.

Building on Patterns First Grade Curriculum introduces words spelled “two ways”…one contracted and the other spelled out. I like to create a binder with all the words learned for the student to have for their review. I put print with the braille so that a peer or parent can help them if needed.

The binder can be sent home for the student to review at home, or to use as a resource book in the classroom.  Students should continue to add pages as they learn new contractions.


  • binder (at least a 2″)
  • hole punched braille paper
  • clear adhesive sheets 
  • brailler


Word Bank Binder with braille and handwritten text
Sample page of Word Bank Binder with contraction of braille contraction of like and “like” written out in print and braille

The binder is organized alphabetically. Each tab has both print and braille on it. I start off with two blank pages behind each tab. As words are introduced, we take the page out of the binder and insert the page into the brailler to add the word…both the contracted and spelled out versions.

It’s a great way to periodically go back and look at all the words that the student has now learned in the curriculum.


  • Make cards to have the student match the contracted to the uncontracted form of the braille word.


Collage with Word Bank Binder

United State flag

United States Flag Braille Art Design

Colored illustration of animals with alphabet letters A, B, C, D
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