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Talking Atlas App

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Talking Atlas is an app created by the mother of an 11-year-old boy in India with a visual impairment.  It is designed for users who are blind or visually impaired with an interest in geography.  Features include:

  • Assistive mode for visually impaired
  • Audio Hints to guide through all the modes
  • 200+ maps of countries and world
  • Audio description for each map
  • Audio described flags
  • Facts: languages, population, GDP, area size, calling code, history and much more…
  • A trivia based on world facets to test your knowledge
  • Multiple language dialects for voice over
  • Works with on screen D-pad touch, Gestures, and external keyboard (easy indexing) 
  • In app purchase of more detailed maps of India and a India-based game
  • If needed application will be updated overtime with new data
Adjust the setting according to your preference, turn hints on to get guidance on each step in the app, Switch to assistive mode to get audible guidance for visually impaired users, in the app select from the range of 10 different speech rates & 5 different English dialects.
Lots of Facts about the each country like, languages, population, GDP, area size, calling code, History, national anthem, flag description and much more….
Glossary of more than 100 words to help understand geographical terms better.
The app currently sells for $29.99.



Thoughts on the Talking Atlas app

Posted by Marsha Bork

I love the idea of the Talking Atlas!  My low vision students enjoy using it.  They thought it was interesting to look at different countries and continents.  They did think the print was a bit small, but that did not stop them from exploring, they just used the zoom feature on the iPad.
My blind students and I struggled to explore the atlas.  We tried using voiceover but found the speech built in to  the app to be confusing with both running.  I could not find a way to turn the built-in speech off.  I think if one could use just voiceover it would be easier.  I also think it would be helpful to have an edit field so you could type in the particular place you want to explore. 
The very best part of the app is the game!  My low vision students and blind students had a blast playing and found it very accessible.  
One problem we discovered immediately was the atlas is upside down when you have your iPad in a clam case with an attached keyboard.  The home button is to the left and should be to the right.  If you take the iPad out of the case you can easily turn the iPad so it faces the right way for the app, but this makes it a bit difficult when trying to use a keyboard with it. 
I think the app is best used with low vision students.  I do believe it has the potential to be a great app for blind students and would love to talk to the developer about ideas to make it more accessible.


Thank you for your feedback!

Posted by Ruchi Patil

Thanks for trying out the app, and for your very valuable feedback. I shall be considering all your points in my next update. However, my son, who is blind, loves the app, and is able to play completely through all features of the app. In fact, the app was designed keeping his requirements in mind. This app is a self voicing app, and once the app is launched, you need to turn off voiceover. The required touch and tell feature of the app wouldn't have worked without making it a self voicing one. In description, a link to the manual has been provided, please go through it. In case of any further doubts, kindly revert, will be happy to help. 
Thanks again. 
Warm regards, 
Ruchi Patil 
Samruddha Resources Limited
6th Floor, A block 
Dr Annie Beasant Road 
Worli, Mumbai 400018 (INDIA)
Tel: +91 9769111233

Does anyone know if this app

Posted by Laura Jones

Does anyone know if this app is still available on the Apple App Store. I'm having problems finding it.

Thank you for your help,

Posted by Laura Jones

Thank you for your help, Charlotte.

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