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CVI Learning Videos

Explore videos that provide simple, plain backgrounds, and music for children with Cortical/Cerebral Vision Impairment (CVI).

Picture of three cars with the word

These videos have been created and shared for others to use with CVI recommendations in place. Simple words have Roman Word Bubbling, created by Christine Roman-Lantzy. Backgrounds in the videos are simple and high contrast. Learning videos include shapes, colors, animals, people, cars, and trucks.

For a full list of videos visit: CVI Vision Impairment Learning Videos

This Fish video is an example:

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CVI and the iPad: A Near-Perfect Low Vision Device

Alissa DeSousa

Gaby Wolf

Lisha Yoch

CVI Learning Videos title with a picture of the start of one video. It has the word "cars" in bold font with word bubbling around it. There are 3 cars below it.
The Yellow Book cover from the CVI Book Nook with a banana, baby duck, bowl, and button pictures.

The CVI Book Nook

LOOK logo that has the word look with an owl

Taking a “Look” at the CVI Reading Tool

Stehanie Duesing holding her glasses infron of her face.

Stephanie Duesing: Parent, Author, Educator, Advocate