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2023 Autumn and Halloween Ideas

A collection of articles and ideas for this fall season

Girl playing in a pile of autumn leaves

12 Literacy Activities for Autumn and Halloween

  • Activities for children who are blind, visually impaired, deafblind or with multiple disabilities to celebrate the Fall or Autumn season and Halloween

Fall Activities and Ideas

  • Autumn activities and ideas for students with a variety of abilities and ages who have visual impairments.

Experience Book about Fall Pumpkin Craft Activity

  • This tactile fall pumpkin book uses real objects, braille and large print to discuss the experience of making a fall pumpkin book with students who are blind or visually impaired.
A small pumpkin with autumn leaves, fake spider webs, and a plastic spider arranged onto it

The Leaf Man Sensory Story

  • Ideas for autumn sensory stories for students with significant multiple disabilities

Promoting Literacy Through Experiential Learning about Fall

  • Children who are deafblind or blind learn best through experience. Use these ideas to teach your child about fall.

Making Halloween Accessible: Learning About Costumes

  • Make Halloween more accessible to children who are blind or deafblind by teaching them about Halloween costumes: superheroes, princesses, trolls, and more.

Roll a Jack-O-Lantern: Braille Halloween Game

  • This Roll a Jack-O-Lantern Halloween game is a fun holiday activity for braille readers!
A white board with black foam pieces needed to create a jack o latern

Halloween Maze

  • A Halloween-themed board game for braille readers to practice contractions and other braille symbols.

Candy Corn: Creating a Tactile Book for Halloween

  • This tactile book about Halloween was created by a parent.

Braille Design of Halloween Witch

  • Braille users will love this braille drawing of a scary Halloween witch!

Halloween Designs to Emboss

  • These braille designs are ready to emboss for Halloween! Students with visual impairments will enjoy the Jack-o-lantern pumpkin and Frankie Monster accessible images.
An embossed pumpkin on a piece of paper
Ear of corn

Thanksgiving Concept Box

Thanksgiving placemat with cut out paper hands and a cut out foot in the middle with a child's hands touching the braille words on them. It is What They are Thankful for...Mom, Dad, dog

Braille Turkey Placemat

Child's hand sorting candy from Halloween

Sorting Through the Candy Coma