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Experience Book about Fall Pumpkin Craft Activity

This tactile fall pumpkin book uses real objects, braille and large print to discuss the experience of making a fall pumpkin book with students who are blind or visually impaired.

In a previous post about fall craft activities, I mentioned making a book about a fall pumpkin book based on the experience of the fall craft activity.  Today the student created the book with the speech therapist and me. Creating it with the student makes the book more meaningful to the student and creating it with the speech therapist means the verbiage is on the student’s skill level. Win, win for all involved!

Cover:  My Beautiful Fall Pumpkins by Karen

Page 1: First, I glued the leaves.

Page 2: Then, I put the pumpkin over the leaves.

Page 3: Then, I put a spider web over the pumpkin.

Page 4: Last, I glued spiders on top of the spider web.

Page 5: All done! I made this for you!

  • heavy card stock
  • braille labels
  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  • pumpkin
  • fall leaves
  • plastic spiders
  • cotton netting for spider web


The pumpkins on the cover, page 2 and page 5 are all parts of the pumpkin. I bought extra pumpkins and had fun in my garage smashing them with my hammer. Then I used the best pieces for the book. Hot glue was used to smooth the edges so the student wouldn’t cut her finger. Making a miniature of the actual fall craft was a great way for her to remember all the steps. My homework is to bind the book. The pages were a heavy cardboard. This helps as the items can be a tad heavy for card stock. It also keeps the page from buckling under all the hot glue…I have a tendency to go overboard on the hot glue as I want the pages to last a while. 

Her speech teacher and I plan to do more activities like this with her and to do a follow-up experience book with it.  Learn more about experience books.

Teaming makes creating the books fun and meaningful or all. There was a lot of laughter in our lesson today!

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