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Accessible Job Chart for the Home

Create an accessible job chart at home using braille, objects and print!

I have two busy little boys.  Liam, age 6, is deafblind.  Finn, age 3, has typical vision and hearing.  I have been teaching the boys, little by little, simple chores to help out around the house.  I’m trying to teach them responsibility, independence and some ownership in taking care of their home (and helping their momma!).   I have been noticing some fun ideas for creating “Job Charts” online on Pinterest, many of which could be easily modified to become an “Accessible Job Chart”. Now that the boys have had some practice at their  household “jobs” I made them both an accessible job chart.  The charts are accessible for both boys.  (My inspiration came from a post I found on Pinterest.)


  • Cookie sheets (I found mine at the dollar store)
  • Magnet pieces (Can be found at any hobby store)
  • Wooden rectangles (I liked how the ones I found were thick)
  • Ribbon, with a fun texture
  • Braille labels


The “magnetic chore rectangular pieces” I made include visual pictures of the chores for Finn who is not quite reading yet.  They also include print for Finn so that he has exposure to print. The magnetic pieces, from both charts,  are also labeled in braille for Liam (and works as a great experience for Finn as well).  The line that separates the “To-do” part and the “finished” part is a ribbon with a fun texture. All parts of both charts are labeled in braille and with print (with the exception of Liam’s name in the “big” braille).  

Accessible job charts in print and braille
Accessible job charts in print and braille

Place magnetic pieces onto the rectangular wooden pieces to create the chore choices. Divide the cookie sheet in half, using the textured ribbon.  Label each half: top half label “to-do” and bottom half label “finished”.  Add braille labels where needed.  

Liam’s Chores

Here are the chores I came up with for my boys:

  • Unload the dishwasher 
  • Put away clothes
  • Put away sleep clothes
  • Help make lunch for next day
  • Help vacuum
  • Take out garbage
Boy carrying the laundry
Carrying the laundry

Finn’s Chores:

  • Give water to the dog
  • Put away clothes
  • Put away sleep clothes
  • Make bed
  • Wash the table
  • Dust with feather duster 


*Optional:  Object symbols can be added to the magnetic pieces to represent each job for your pre-braille readers.  Your rectangle pieces would need to be larger.  See examples of ones I have made in the past:

Object symbols for chores
Object symbols for job chart
DIY Accessible Job Chart for the Home
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