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Activity and strategy

Adapting the Environment for Independence

Find how you can set up your classroom to make it accessible to ALL students!

Here’s a way to adapt a work/art station by substituting the picture with the actual object.  By pairing the object with the large print and braille word, it gives kids a “hands on” opportunity to experience environmental literacy. This will lead to an understanding of signs and billboards that are encountered in the environment but unreachable.  When there is a matching braille/large print label on the shelf, there is an opportunity for letter matching and independent access and clean up to the activity.

Work boxes (plastic or cardboard) with materials for art and writing:  

  • scissors
  • crayons
  • markers
  • pencils
  • glue
  • paints
  • paint brushes
  • paint trays
  • play dough
  • play dough toys
  • templates
  • paper scraps
  • art scraps (feathers, tactile paper, yarn…)
  • stickers
  • stamps.

Braille and print labels and hot glue to afix the object to the outside of the box.

Hot glue the objects to the outside of the box.  Affix a large print and braille label on both the box and the shelf where the box is kept.

This same idea can be done with toys such as legos, blocks, figures, plastic animals…etc.


independence collage


United State flag

United States Flag Braille Art Design

Colored illustration of animals with alphabet letters A, B, C, D
Activity and strategy

Alphabet Objects


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