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Activity and strategy

Adapting Match It Mathematics Game

This math puzzle has been adapted for children who are blind or visually impaired to practice addition and subtraction

Match It! Mathematics is a game designed to work on basic math skills, including number recognition, counting, and simple addition and subtraction.  It is available in many stores and online, but I found at Five Below for $4.00. After adapting the images with tactile materials and putting the braille to the cards, I devised a lesson based on this activity.

  • Match It! Mathematics game
  • Foam stickers or materials to make the images tactile
  • Braille labels



  • Add tactile foam to images to make them accessible to children who are blind or visually impaired.
  • Add braille labels to both addition and subtraction cards.

Adapted math game











Subtraction number sentences










Not only will my student be matching the answer to the problems, but he will braille the number sentence for it. This way he can work on his spelling for math class as well. I plan to have him match only 3 at a time in the beginning. Once he becomes proficient at the activity, I will add more.

Adapted math game










Tactile number collage





Uno braille playing cards with large print
Activity and strategy

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