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Adapting Pollination Process Worksheet

Tips to modify worksheets for students who are blind or partially sighted

This strategy is part of a series on Adapting Worksheets. Please see the introductory post for an overview of adapting worksheets for students who are blind or visually impaired.

Thought Process in Adapting Worksheet

This worksheet is ideal as the learning objective is clearly stated underneath the title. The pupil must show that they  can name the different parts of a flower and explain their role in pollination and fertilisation.

For a sighted pupil, I have removed unnecessary text and clutter, used font size 28  as  an  example  and  left  enough  space  between  lines  (2.0  spacing)  for  the pupil  to  either  write  the  missing  word,  write  the  number  that  correlates  with  the missing  word,  or  place  the  correct  word  card  in  the  gap.  I  have  kept  the  word bank as a list rather than being in a table to make it clearer, but a specific  pupil may prefer a table.

For  a  non-sighted  braille  user  I  would  consider  that  this  is  quite a  lot  of  text, I would think about condensing the amount of sentences if possible, or having an audio version of it and ask them to state the missing word. As an example I have brailled a few sentences and some braille cards for the pupil to place in the gaps. Since the objective is to name the different parts of a flower I would also consider having a real flower, or model of one for the pupil to feel and attempt to name the parts   and   discuss   their   function   as   an   alternative   to   the   written   task   or additionally to reinforce understanding. Again, I would try to gather real objects to assist  with  this  understanding  such  as  petals,  seeds,  nectar  and  pollen.  You could also have a variety of real flowers to smell to ensure the pupil understands that flowers differ.

Adapting the Worksheet

The original worksheet is on the left and the first page of the adapted worksheet with large print is on the right.

Worksheet of The Pollination Process
Worksheet of The Pollination Process
Adapted worksheet for The Pollination Process


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