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Beginning Books: Two Pigs Sleeping

This basic book was created for an 8-year-old girl in China who is deafblind. She has low vision and uses sign language to communicate.

This experience book shows how real events in a child’s own life can be used to teach beginning literacy skills.  Children with multiple disabilities most often respond best to stories about their own experiences. 

This beginning book from China shows an 8-year-old girl named Hu Jin Lin  我的名字叫周银月 who tells about seeing two pigs sleeping.  She demonstrates the signs as she watches the pigs.  Having the words written out in Chinese characters while also signing the words is a good way for her to learn the vocabulary and begin to associate objects, actions and experiences with signed words and written text.  The variations are endless!

A young girl signs  A young girl signs


Two pigs  Two pigs sleeping.

A girl signs  A girl signs   A girl signing

Cover of Pig Book

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