Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Orientation and Mobility

Two boys look through monoculars outdoors.
Posted by cyralm
By Cyral Miller, Director of Outreach, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired    Have you ever wondered whether your child’s program is meeting educational standards related to his or her visual impairment?  How...

Young boy using an iPad
Posted by Tara Mason
I had the pleasure of learning all about one parent’s journey with her four and a half year old son and his iPad. She enthusiastically agreed to be interviewed for a Paths to Literacy Blog post.   It is a great opportunity to learn about iPad use...

tactile maps on foam boards
Posted by Laurie Hudson
Skills in reading/writing tactile images, or “tactile-graphicity,” develop with lots and lots of carefully sequenced, guided exposure to thoughtfully designed and well-made tactile images.  It takes time, strategy, and a steady hand to...

Collage for selecting iPad apps
Posted by Linda Mamer
  Making decisions about which applications (apps) for iPads are the most suitable for specific students involves a number of different steps.  This article looks at: Considerations for iPad App Selection How to Choose an...

collage of girl with cane
Posted by Laurie Hudson
Literacy happens throughout Orientation & Mobility curricula: maintaining personal notes of walking routes and personal O&M journals, reading public transportation routes and schedules, menus and maps, processing Global Positioning System output,...

Pointing to New Zealand
Posted by Laurie Hudson
  Describing Clearly Adapted from Classroom Collaboration, page 59 By Laurel J. Hudson, Ph.D. Published by Perkins School for the Blind, 1997     Sighted people typically communicate key information by pointing, drawing, demonstrating...

Job chart
Posted by Laurie Hudson
Introduction: Early elementary school classrooms typically post Job Charts.  These are lists of classroom responsibilities that students rotate through weekly.  Common jobs include “Plant Waterer,” “Line Leader,” “Door...

Shared reading of braille texts
Posted by Megan Mogan
By Megan Mogan, Speech-Language Pathologist What is "Adapted Adapted Literacy"? Over the years, you may have noticed a shift in the population of students you serve as TVIs, Speech Therapists, Orientation and Mobility Specialists, etc. ...