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Braille Book of Christmas Poems

This braille book of Christmas poems includes tactile graphics and is a fun way for children who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind to learn more about poetry.

My son Liam, who is in fifth grade and is deafblind, is going to enter the National Braille Press poetry contest in the next month or so. I’ve been working on reading different poetry with him before he takes a turn at writing some of his own. In November we made a Thanksgiving poetry book and this month for Christmas I made a Christmas poetry book for him using the braille embosser. I found poems online and put them together in a Christmas book.

Adding Tactile Graphics

We made it fun by reading one poem a day and then he got to decorate the page with tactile graphics.  We used fun materials, such as glitter, stickers, foam pieces and sequins.  I had the pieces to the tactile graphics cut and gathered ahead of time.  He was able to arrange them and stick them on himself.  

The Book of Christmas Poems

Cover of Christmas Poem book with tactile Christmas tree

Cover of book:  Liam’s Christmas Poem book












May You Have…

Christmas poem with tactile wreathe


Text: May you have

May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;

The spirit of Christmas which is peace;

The heart of Christmas which is love.





I’m a Little Snowman

Christmas poem with tactile graphic of snowman


Text: I’m a Little Snowman

I’m a little snowman short and fat,

Here is my scarf and here is my hat.

When I see the snowfall,

Here me shout

“All you children please come out!”



A Chubby Snowman

Christmas poem with tactile graphic of snowman

Text:  A Chubby Snowman

A chubby little snowman had a carrot nose.

Along came a bunny,

and what do you suppose?

That hungry little bunny,

looking for some lunch,

Grabbed that snowman’s nose,

Nibble, nibble, crunch!


First Christmas

Christmas poem with tactile graphic of a star


Text:  First Christmas

On the very first Christmas night,

A wonderful star shone big and bright,

It marked the spot, where the baby lay,

So shepherds, wisemen and kings could pray.






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