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Braille Word Dictionary

Create a personalized braille word dictionary for your students who are blind or visually impaired!

My 6 year old, Liam, has been learning quite a few new words in braille at school. The words they have been working on at school are words that are very motivating to him. For example, sentences that include names of his favorite people.   He is very interested and enjoys identifying braille letters and also the words that he knows. I wanted to create a word book for him that would encourage his interest.  This word book is a place to store all of his words in alphabetical order. It is similar to a word dictionary or word wall words… only personalized! He can add new words as he learns them at home or at school. I thought the book could go back and forth between school and home as well.
materials for word book
  • blank chipboard book
  • tactile circle stickers (if desired) to create “big braille” model (I found my stickers at Michaels and Hobby Lobby)
  • braille ABC labels
  • your child’s “words” on labels

Each page contains one letter in braille in ABC order.  I made “big braille” and glued it onto cardboard, so it would stand out more.  I added the “regular” sized braille below the big braille.  Together, with your child,  add the “learned” braille words on the appropriate pages.

*If desired, you could also add tactile pictures to match the words.

tactile circle stickers as 'big Braille' model  Liam's word book
braille word dictionary collage



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