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Build a Story

This homemade "Build a Book" allows a student with visual impairments to flip through the book to find character, setting, event, and conclusion ideas for a story.

I have found that our students, like their non visually impaired peers, have trouble creating a story from original thought. I bought the pictured book from Oriental Trading, but it has been discontinued. However, Lakeshore Learning has it.

I like it as the student can flip through the book to find the character, setting, event, and conclusion ideas. They can then create a story around that.

Writing stories is a great way to verify a student’s understanding of grammar, spelling, sentence/paragraph structure… not to mention working on editing skills. I like to share the stories with their teachers so that they can also know what skills might need more work and where the strengths are…

red page with text
Character, Setting, Event, Conclusion with braille labels
red page with a drawing and text of
Braille labels on examples


To adapt it, I simply added the braille to each of the pages. For a low vision student, I would enlarge each of the pages and attempt to recreate the book the same way this one is set up.

Build a story collage

Colored illustration of animals with alphabet letters A, B, C, D
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Alphabet Objects

Activity and strategy

Ideas for Teaching Tracking and other Tactile Skills

Alphabox showing an apple in the position of dot 1 in a braille cell
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