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Activity and strategy

Cause and Effect Activity for Students with Low Vision

This activity for students with low vision and additional disabilities uses picture cards to work on an understanding of cause and effect.

A teacher I work with created a great activity for a student with low vision we share in a life skills classroom.  The activity is designed to teach cause and effect using picture symbol cards.

The teacher followed my recommendations for the boardmaker cards, namely using the red outline to the cards, colored images, and larger pictures. We also utilize the All-in-One-Board student model from APH to add contrast to the images and help my student focus on the cards presented.

Typically the first card (the cause)Boardmaker cards on APH all in one board is presented separately from the two answer (the effect) cards. For example: “If I choose my lunch” is presented to the student by itself, before giving the two choices: “that is what I will eat” or “I could get wet”. The student then chooses the card by picking it up.

The phrase at the top of the card is there to aid whomever is working with my student to use the same verbiage when doing this activity. Verbiage is important to student success and the team working together with her strives for consistency.


Cause and effect collage

Student making orange juice with a teacher using a juicing machine.
Activity and strategy

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