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Changing the Speed of a YouTube Video

YouTube can be a great learning tool but some students may benefit from a slower playback speed.

YouTube logo on an iPad screen

Many children love YouTube. However, based on their visual impairment, they may benefit from a decreased playback speed. YouTube allows the viewer to control their viewing experience. Read on to find out how to change the playback speed of a YouTube video.

First, open the desired video.

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Then, touch the top right-hand corner of the YouTube screen. Four icons appear from the middle to the right side of the YouTube screen.

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Touch the “Settings” button on the far right side. 

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A menu will appear. See below.

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Click on Playback speed.

A Menu will appear.

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Choose the speed you would like to try.

Once a speed is selected, touch it on the list.  The menu will close and the video will continue at the speed that you selected. 

0.25x (the first in the list) means ¼ of the normal speed 

2x (at the bottom of the list) is twice the normal speed

Auditorily, if you slow down the video—the speed of music/dialog slows down too.  

If the slowed down auditory (music or dialog) becomes a distraction—turn off the sound (volume).

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