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Christmas Tactile Books

This collection of tactile books helps students who are visually impaired understand and visualize the first Christmas story.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, I wanted Christmas books for my son Liam that told the Christmas story.  The books needed to fit his interests, be at his level and of course include braille and TONS of interesting tactile “graphics”.   I called some of my close friends and family together again for yet another book making party for Liam, this time with the theme being “Christmas Books!”.  We created 7 Christmas books total that evening.   

The books included:

Books for Church:

  • 2 simple books for church that only had one or two words per page.  I also included the pictures of the words sign-language on each page so that someone with a limited knowledge of American Sign Language (my son’s first language) could still participate in reading the book with him.

Books for Home:

  • We created 4 books for home that told the story of Christmas using 1 or 2 sentences, in braille,  per page (this can be adapted according to your child’s needs and level).  A lot of the characters are attached to the pages with Velcro so that Liam can take them off to help aide in acting out parts of the story!  For example, Mary and Joseph can come off the page and so he can place them in the stable next to Baby Jesus (good practice at imaginative play and story-telling!)

Books for School:

  • One book was sent to school to add to his collection of custom-made books.  

Special note: 

We added print to the pages so that other people, who may not be braille readers (and for myself who is not reading it quickly yet!) can still be able to read with Liam.

These books are sure to be enjoyed by Liam’s little brother Finn as well!!

A great way to involve friends and family!  

Liam’s Christmas Books

Book ONE: Barn Book (stable)
Cow sleeps on hay.
Sheep sleeps on hay.
Horse sleeps on hay.
Chicken sleeps on hay.
Baby Jesus Sleeps on hay on manger.
manger tactile page
3 wisemen tactile page
Book TWO: Wise Men Book
3 Wise Men saw Christmas Star.
3 Wise Men rode camels to follow star. 
Star above barn.
Baby Jesus was in barn sleeping on a manger.  
3 Wise Men worshipped Jesus.
Book THREE: Baby Jesus Born Book
Mary and Joseph rode Donkey.
No house to sleep.
They had to stay in barn.
Baby Jesus was born.
Mary put blanket on baby Jesus and laid him in Manger.
baby jesus tactile page with Mary and Joseph and the manger
christmas page with a flap as a present and a gold bow
Book FOUR: Present Book
(with different present flaps that open up)
We give presents at Christmas time.
Wiseman gave presents to Baby Jesus.
God gave Baby Jesus to us.  
Christmas time, Jesus birthday.
Book FIVE: Baby Jesus Book
Baby Jesus sleeps in Manger.
Shepherds worshipped Baby Jesus.
Angels worshipped Baby Jesus.
Wise men worshipped Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus sleeps in a Manger.
manger tactile page
Book SIX:  Chirstmas story (for church)
Christmas Star
Baby Jesus
Wise Men
Book SEVEN: Shepherd book
Shepherd man.
Shepherd has cane.
Shepherd help sheep.
Shepherd feeds sheep.  
Shepherd defend sheep.
Christmas tactile book collage

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