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Cloud and Kite Braille Art Design

Create this fun design of a cloud and kite using braille.

A kite flying in the sky amongst clouds

Braille art is a fun way to promote braille literacy and motivate students who are blind or visually impaired.

See below for instructions to create a cloud and kite braille art design.

Line 1: Space 6 times, exclamation sign, c, period
Line 2: Space 3 times, s, colon, c, space 3 times, c 2 times, e, colon, i, e, colon 4 times, en Line 3: Space 2 times, st, space 17 times, ch
Line 4: Space 2 times, I, space 17 times, dots 456
Line 5: Space 3 times, e, colon, en, hyphen, in, colon, en, in, c, o, space 5 times, in, colon, i
Line 6: Space 9 times, ch, hyphen, space 3 times, hyphen 3 times, in
Line 7: Space 11 times, h, hyphen, j, space 7 times, hyphen
Line 8: Space 20 times, i, dots 456, e
Line 9: Space 19 times, st, space, dots 456, space, ch
Line 10: Space 18 times, st, space 2 times, dots 456, space 2 times, ch
Line 11: Space 17 times, ow, colon 7 times, o
Line 12: Space 18 times, ch, space 2 times, dots 456, space 2 times, st Line 13: Space 19 times, ch, space, dots 456, space, st
Line 14: Space 20 times, e, numeric indicator, i
Line 15: Space 21 times, I
Line 16: Space 21 times, ch
Line 17: Space 22 times, I
Line 18: Space 21 times, p, wh, s, th
Line 19: Space 21 times, v, s, wh, numeric indicator
Lines 20 and 21: Space 23 times, dots 456

Print out version of the instructions can be found below:

A cloud and kite made from braille

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