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Put Paths to Literacy on Your Summer Reading List

With a little extra time in your pocket over the summer months, take a few moments to read some of the many articles you have been meaning to but didn't during the busy school year.

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As the Paths to Literacy content manager for over two years now, I am still continually amazed at the amount of meaningful content from the vision community at our fingertips on this website. Weekly, I search a topic on P2L and find new to me articles that are full of content I want to read.

I am also a busy itinerant teacher, which means I am meaning to read up on topics and then it gets pushed down on my “to do list” because of lack of time. Please join me this summer as I make it a personal goal to read more into all the wonderful topics, research, lessons, and ideas from all of you!

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Early childhood to young adulthood

We can’t be experts in everything! Some TVIs are great at braille instruction, while others have a strong foundation in CVI or low vision students. Keep striving to become as knowledgeable in areas that you feel less confident in.

No matter what topic you would like to learn about, there are a host to choose from. Think about where an individual student is at that you would like to help more and go from there. If you have a wide variety of ages and needs on your caseload, assess where you are as a teacher and focus on the areas that you personally feel you could improve on.

Here are the main topics to choose from when building basics:

Assessments and IEPs

I like to do a mental review of how the year went with all my paperwork. What worked well, what didn’t, and how can I make everything more streamline to SAVE TIME.

P2L microsite on assessments

Take a look and see if there are some assessments you might want to incorporate into your routine and data collection.

P2L microsite on IEPs

Many states, counties, and even school districts can do an IEP (Individual Education Plan) a little differently. It is important to follow the timelines and laws while making sure your student’s GOALS ARE MEASURABLE.


Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced braille reader or instructor, you can get the skills you may need through practice.

On our website we have braille support listed under Special Collections. It is such a valuable section to have access to and we are so grateful to the instructors that have worked so hard to make this available to us all.

Top view of a braille machine

Common and Expanded Core Curriculum

Common Core Curriculum

Common Core looks at a set of standards of what students should know and when they should know it. The team needs to know how a student’s visual impairment effects their ability to reach these standards and how we can make adaptations for success in learning.

Expanded Core Curriculum

The Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) provides a framework for instruction in a specialized set of vision-related skills for students who are blind or visually impaired. While students who are blind or visually impaired are expected to follow the same core curriculum as their sighted peers, there are certain areas in which they need specific instruction because of their vision loss. Thus, while all students will be expected to participate in core academic subjects, such as English Language Arts, Math, Science, and History, students with visual impairments should also receive instruction in nine specific areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

Fun ideas and learning activities

When tuning up your toolbox of knowledge, don’t forget all the creative ideas that make learning fun! Explore all the creative ideas from our vision community around the world!

A pair of hands with a globe painted on them with all the countries and oceans.
A sky with clouds is behind the hands.
Self-determination units with lesson plans
Lessons and materials

Self-Determination Units with Lesson Plans

Two craft flowers

Planting Rainbows

The Love Bugs cover with the title and textured hearts.
Activity and strategy

Love Bugs Book