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CVI Now has a New IEP Guide

The CVI Now website has a new IEP (Individualized Education Program) guide for families and team members. This guide, breaks assessment, interventions, and accessibility rights process.

The CVI Now website has a new IEP (Individualized Education Plan) guide for families and team members. This guide breaks down the assessment, interventions, and accessibility rights process. CVI (Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment) is the leading cause of childhood blindness. Every individual with CVI has a right to comprehensive assessment, effective interventions, and accessible educational programs. A well-written IEP and a collaborative, dedicated school team empowers students with CVI with life-changing access.

This is why we created the CVI Now IEP Guide—a productive, solutions-oriented resource.

We know that IEPs can be overwhelming and stressful.

  • Are you asking the right questions?
  • Assembling the right team?
  • Pushing for the right provisions?

This is a productive and solutions oriented resource for creating an effective IEP. CVI Now supports families and IEP team members with CVI-specific explanations and advice, grounded in Perkins’ knowledge and CVI research and promising practices. In this series, CVI Now guides us through the IEP process from beginning to end. It describes how IEPs are built and implemented, as well as what questions to ask and what to expect at each stage in an understandable way to people who may be new to the IEP process.

The guide is divided into easy to navigate sections:

Starting the IEP process: A guide for CVI families

  1. Anatomy of the IEP for the CVI student
  2. What makes a well-written IEP?
  3. How to maximize your IEP meeting
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The guide then breaks down the IEP:

  1. Whole-child CVI assessment drives the IEP
  2. A guide to common CVI IEP accomodations
  3. Creating IEP present levels for students with CVI
  4. How to design IEP goals and objectives for students with CVI
  5. Services and placement for students with CVI
  6. How to disagree with an IEP.


CVI Now is your go-to source for trusted answers and resources about CVI. Developed by Perkins School for the Blind, CVI Now fosters community and shared connection, and empowers families with the CVI knowledge, guidance, and tools you and your child need to succeed.

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