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Accessible Window Art

Accessible window art for students with multiple disabilities, including CVI at the Al Noor Training Centre, Dubai. Check out the window art they created.

Student accessing the window art activity.

The team at Al Noor Training Centre work together to create meaningful learning activities that engage their students. Upon switch activation, the paintbrush rolled in the chosen color and was then directed onto the window art piece. A torch light was used to aid focus on the selected window art, and the chosen figure was outlined with an LED strip light for better visibility.

3D Core Symbols that include where, help, go, and finished.

Associated vocabulary

Where, finished, go, and help was modeled using 3D printed tactile symbols and high contrast AAC cards.

Student accessing the window art activity.

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Painted wooden red, white, and blue stars
Lessons and materials

Crafting for Independence

Students using individual sandboxes at a table for sensory play.

Beyond Sight: Enhancing Learning with Tactile and Sensory Experiences

Two craft flowers

Planting Rainbows