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DIY Braille Jewelry

Learn how to make your own braille jewelry using a slate and stylus!

‘Tis the Season!  With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are frantically shopping for the perfect gift. Braille accessories are a fabulous option and you can do it yourself.  Sharpen up your slate and stylus skills and craft away. 

How to Make a Braille Charm

What you will need:

  • Metal Slate and Stylus
  • Metal Charms
  • Hammer
  • Antique Brass 6 mm split rings


Step 1:  Place the charm on the slate. Center with hole of charm indicating the top of the charm and close the slate.

Slate with charm inside

Step 2: Using a metal slate and stylus, begin to braille the letters on the charm. Use a small carpenter’s hammer to tap the top of the stylus to insure the braille dots are raised sufficiently on the charm, 

Using a small carpenter’s hammer to tap the top of the stylus

**Important:  Per the methods of using the slate and stylus, you will also be brailling the configurations backwards or as mirror images of the standard configurations.  You will also be brailling the words or initials in reverse order. For example, for the initials DN, you will braille the N first and then the D. 


Step 3:  Attach a 6mm split ring to the charm. This will allow you to attach it to a bracelet, necklace, key ring, or accessory of your choice.

Attaching a split ring to the charm


Step 4: Add to your accessory. (Bracelet and key ring shown below.) 

Adding braille charm to bracelet or key ring


Step 5:  Place in a cute drawstring bag and give as gifts to other braille lovers. 

Placing jewelry in drawstring bag

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