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Early Learning Apps – Part 2

Recommended apps for children who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind, focusing on drawing, books, communication, sequencing, math and games

early learning apps collage

Many apps (applications) are available to promote early learning for young children who are blind or visually impaired, including those who are deafblind or who have multiple disabilities.  This is a partial list (part one of two) to help you get started.  Click here to see Part 1.

The apps here help young children to develop basic cognitive skills, such as cause & effect and matching. They also help to reinforce eye-hand coordination, vocalization, and response to sensory input. These apps have been used specifically with young children especially those with additional needs, or have been chosen because the visual component is very clear and/or the auditory/sound aspects are of high quality and clear.  Many of these apps are particulary appropriate for children with CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment).



Early Drawing Apps

hello crayons app icon

Easy and fun drawing app for children using “crayons” that look and feel real.

hello crayon pencil app iconHello Color Pencil

Drawing app that implements a realistic look & feel of color pencils.

hello chalk app iconHello Chalk

Draw using “chalk” on this app for to-do lists, menus, and more.

hello chalk app iconiSnowflake Lite

Create paper style snowflakes with this animated app.

doodlecast app iconSago Mini Doodlecast

Draw while recording child’s voice and then playback later to watch and listen to the story.
singing fingers app iconSinging Fingers Experiment with sounds and fingerpainting with this app. Users can record their own voice or use the apps instruments while fingerpainting and then play back the sound by clicking the paint.

idoodle 2 app iconiDoodle2 lite

Sketch and draw on iOS this free app.

finger paint app iconFinger Paint with Sounds

Finger paint with sounds and children with special needs to practice their first interaction with a touch screen.


Advanced Drawing Apps

glowpaint app iconGlow Paint.

Use an assortment of brushes and colors to create a glowing masterpiece.

doodle buddy app iconDoodle Buddy

Paint, draw, scribble, sketch on this app using paints and stamps.

doodle buddy app iconFun Bubbles

Tap to create and pop these multicolored bubbles.

scratch a sketch app iconScratch a Sketch by BabyFirst

Swipe fingers across the screen to reveal a beautiful colorful picture.


Books for Children Apps

monster app iconThe Monster at the End of this Book… starring Grover!

This is an animated story book app to will help enforce children early reading skills.

i like books app iconI Like Books

37 stunning picture books for children in one interactive app.

ugly duckling app icon

The Ugly Duckling – Interactive Children’s Story Book HD

Interactive storybook that tells the classic Hans Christen Anderson story. This app features interactive activities, superb animation and brilliant sound effects.

abc for me app icon

ABC For Me

This picture app helps children to identify pictures and associate letter sounds.


Sequencing Apps (some are advanced)

isays simon says oppositesiSays Free – Simon Says Game

The classic game of memory with four buttons and sequencing played by “Simon” that the user has to follow repeat.

see touch learn app iconSee.Touch.Learn

This app acts like a flashcard with pictures and text for children to use and learn.

ABA app iconABA – Problem Solving – What does not belong?

Problem solving app that requires users to identify an item in a picture that is different from the other items. Difficulty levels allow users to challenge themselves at their own pace.

riddles and brain teasers app iconRiddles & Brain Teasers

Thousands of brain teasers and riddles on this app.

zoola opposites app iconZOOLA Opposites

Distinguish opposite words through graphics and voice in this app. Explain “long and short”, “fast and slow”, and “happy and sad” to youngsters.

bubble dreams app iconBubble Dreams

This bubble matching game allows users to travel through over 250 levels of fun.

ispellword free app icon

iSpellWord FREE

Find as many words as possible in one word with this game app.

bitsboard app iconBitsboard – Education, Games, and Flashcards for Learning, Reading, Spelling, and more

This app has lots of learning tools available from flashcards to phototouch to spelling bees.

injijni app iconInjini: Child Development Game Suite

Inspired by children with special needs, this app is a collection of learning games for cognitive, language, and fine motor development.


Communication Apps

choiceboard creator app iconChoiceBoard Creator

Perfect app for creating customizable choice boards for unique needs of individuals with communication challenges.

pictello app iconPictello

Visual storytelling app that allows users to record and add their own sounds, videos and add their own pictures.

story creator app icon

Story Creator

Create stories on this app with personal pictures, sound recordings, and videos.

my story - book maker for kids app icon

My Story – Book Maker for Kids

Create and share ebooks by adding photos, drawings, and stickers. Add voice to stories and share with friends and family.

picture card communication app icon

Picture Card Communication

This app helps children with communication delays in language development by using picture cards to create sentences.

soundingboard app icon


Using AbleNet symbols or personal photos, this app can create custom boards to assist children in special education, autism specturm, or other disabilities communicate.

picture card maker app

Picture Card Maker PLUS*

This communication tool allows users to easily create personal Picture Cards or visuals and attaching their voice to make requests and comments.

go talk now app icon

GoTalk Now*

Create communication books and record text-to-speech messages to share with others on this AAC app.

proloquo2go app icon


Highly customizable AAC app with pictures and tools for communication.

*Advanced, More Complex Apps


Math (may be visually busy)

counting board app icon

Counting Board

Teach counting, numbers, addition, and subtraction to children (ages 2-4) with this app.

adding apples app icon

Adding Apples

This app helps children count and add using small numbers.

chalkboard math app icon

Chalkboard Math

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with this interactive “chalkboard” app.

jumbo calculator app icon

Jumbo Calculator

Super simple large calculator made for everyone to use ages 2 and up.

math bingo app icon

Math Bingo

Get a pattern of five bingo bugs in a row by correctly answering math problems.



repeat timer app icon

Repeat Time Free

This app is a timer app that allows for repeating interval and reminder for routines.

alarm clock free

Alarm Clock Free

This app features a digital clock and alarm clock that also displays live, local weather conditions and temperature.

autism timer

Autism Timer

Show elapsed time clearly with lights and bars. When time runs out the app beeps and vibrates.

stop go! app icon

Stop Go!

Simple to use timer app that uses a stop light to show go and stop.

vistimer app icon


This app uses an animated shrinking pie to display lapsed time.



push cars app icon


Push cars out of the city with your fingertip with this unique puzzle gameplay.

tiny zoo friends

Tiny Zoo Friends

Raise and nurture adorable and tiny animated animals on this Tiny Zoo app.


Please note that you may need to check whether the app has been updated or whether it only works with certain operating systems.  This page was last updated on 3/4/2022.


Wikki Stix container with some in front of it and a stick figure made from them on the side.
Activity and strategy

The Wonderful World of Wikki Stix

Hand with mittens holding a large snowflake
Activity and strategy

The Mitten: Winter Literacy Ideas

communication cards with tactile letters and objects for person identification
Activity and strategy

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