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Spring has Sprung Ideas

Spring is a time of year that lends itself to exploring weather, gardening, the life cycle, and a host of learning opportunities and goals.

Two young girls walking in a field of tulips.
Below are several great learning ideas for our students with visual impairments that can be adapted for a variety of ages and abilities. Have fun while learning!

Braille Designs for the Spring Season

Music Time


Adapting One Rainy Day for Students with Visual Impairments

Ideas to adapt One Rainy Day for children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities

Ruby in Her Own Time: Circle Time Braille Kit

Ideas for circle time activities to develop pre-braille skills in young children who are blind or visually impaired

Growing a Rainbow: Accessible Ideas for Children with Multiple Disabilities

Preschool children with visual impairment can learn basic concepts hands-on activities, and the book can be made accessible through a story box, tactile symbols, picture symbols, and a talking book.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: Circle Time Braille Kit

This circle time braille kit focuses on the letter “s” and related skills through hands-on activities for emerging braille readers.

Picture of a child's legs running with rain boots on in puddles.

Make Your Own Experience Books

An introduction to language experience books for students who are blind or visually impaired with additional disabilities, including deafblindness, using real objects and tactile symbols that can have a theme, such as a season, to support.


Rain, Spring Season, Nature Walk, and Sensory Bins

The changing of the seasons is a great time to turn towards our science goals and bring our sense of exploration.

Sensory Bins

Creating interactive learning among our students creates interest, exploration, and uses a variety of skills. Using sensory bins for theme based learning touches on various learning objectives.

OutDoor Play

Nature Walks

Nature walks can inspire students with visual impairments to write about what they find.

Messy and Muddy: A Guide to Outdoor Play for Children with Vision Impairment

Activities in the classroom

Make areas of indoor learning by having a plant station where students can dig in dirt, make flower pots, plant seeds, and learn about a plant’s life cycle

Water Cycle Bulletin Board

Spring has Sprung Ideas
3-D symbols that include a the laundry room is a hook, the school store is a couple of gold coins, and the student’s classroom is a number 3, the first number in his classroom number.
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3D Destination Symbols for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Row of colored Easter Eggs
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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas and More

Illustration of a flower wreath
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Making a Wreath