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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas and More

Easter egg hunts can be fun for all types of learners and ages. Make the appropriate adaptations so all our students can participate and create positive memories.

Row of colored Easter Eggs

Beeper Eggs

Beeper eggs can be used in an egg hunt so blind and visually impaired children can find them using their auditory skills. To order go to Maxaids.

Plastic eggs that have a switch on each to make the beeping sound.

Lit Easter Eggs

Students with a visual impairment including CVI can benefit from using eggs that are lit. Glow eggs can be purchased from Amazon.

Glow eggs with a picture of a child's had reaching for one of three eggs on the grass.

Create an Egg Hunt in a Sensory Bin

Using sensory bins filled with paper grass and eggs can be a fun alternative for students with multiple disabilities or who may be confined to a wheel chair. Age appropriate items can also be used in the bin.

Sensory Bin that is themed towards easter with chick easter eggs, plastic grass, small pompom balls, silk flowers and an empty bin with tongs and an egg container.

Easter Activities for Learners with CVI

These Easter activities are designed for children and youth who have cortical/cerebral visual impairment or CVI. Using light to draw attention to Easter-themed items helps learners with CVI participate in inclusive activities and increase visual attention.

Ideas Include:

  • Modified Easter baskets
  • Hanging lit eggs
  • Making noise maker/shaker eggs
  • Lit eggs

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11 DIY Tactile Easter Eggs for Kids with Visual Impairments from

Host of tactile eggs that include; puffy paint, glued buttons, balls, beans, string, and pipe cleaners
Egg Hunt Ideas and More title with a picture of colored easter eggs.
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