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Spring, Eggs, and Easter Ideas and Activities

There are some great resources shared on Paths to Literacy and we highlighted just a few to help you with your lesson planning and goals during this springtime. We have egg hunt ideas for our students with visual impairments and Easter crafts.

As the new content manager for Paths to Literacy, I am continually amazed at the amount of wonderful ideas, knowledge, and strategies collected throughout the years.  It is a goal of mine to highlight some past posts each season so they are continually used and recognized by our community. 

Ruby in Her Own Time: Circle Time Braille Kit

By Diane Brauner 

Ruby in Her Own Time is a Circle Time Braille Kit focusing on counting skills and duck fun facts.  This kit is based on the book Ruby in Her Own Time written by Jonathan Emmett and illustrated by Rebecca Harry.

This is a great kit filled with ideas for counting, sorting, rhyming songs, all along with the book and of course, ducks.

Title Circle Time Braille Kit: Ruby in her own time with duck counting activites pictured

Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark

By Liz Eagan

Use light up Easter eggs and beeper Easter eggs for a special Easter egg hunt for all.  This idea provides O&M skills practice, counting practice, and well, who doesn’t love an egg hunt! You can make your own or buy them. 

Plastice Beeper Eggs

If you only need the eggs that light up, here is a great option.

Fiver light up plastic easter eggs


“Growing a Rainbow”: Accessible Ideas for Children with Multiple Disabilities

By Lesley Lusher

This graduate student created learning activities for preschool children that included:

Teaching Basic Concepts to Preschool Students

  •     Story Box
  •     Tactile Cards
  •     Picture Symbols
  •     Talking Book

Garding tools, watering can, flowers, basket, and a few tactile cards


Braille Designs for Spring

By Edith West

Enjoy a few different spring themed braille designs that include tulips and a flower in a flower pot.


Do you have any fun ideas to add?  Email us at:

Spring, Eggs, And Easter Ideas and Activities title with light up plastic eggs

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