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Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark

Light-up Easter eggs

In this time of quarantine trying to find normalcy can be difficult.  Our children love Easter...the hunt, the candy, the family time.

Using Sound

Parents can do a beeping Easter egg hunt with beeping eggs or parents can use anything that makes a sound (e.g. a cell phone) to make noise by an egg and then move it to the next egg once found.

Using Light-Up Eggs

I bought some light-up eggs last year and see they’re still available at Walmart and on Amazon. Turn on the little light at the bottom and “hide” the eggs in the grass. 

Switch on bottom of light-up eggs

Be cognizant of the ground...make sure the ground is level with no obstacles in the path.

Glowing Easter eggs outside in the dark

Don’t have these eggs? Can’t find them or they won’t be delivered in time? Use battery-operated tea lights inside the eggs. Create a search game using a flashlight to find the eggs using a grid search pattern they’ve learned in O&M.

The hunt doesn’t have to be outside. Bring the hunt inside. Use positional terminology (left/right, under/over) to help locate the eggs. Bottom line...have fun with it. We all need a little fun right now...especially the children.

Collage of Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark

Posted on April 5, 2020
Updated on: April 7, 2020