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Spring Ideas 2024

Energize your teaching techniques using these springtime activities with your students who have visual impairments.

Art drawing of an assortment of Spring flowers


Adapting One Rainy Day for Students with Visual Impairments

Ideas to adapt One Rainy Day for children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities

Ruby in Her Own Time: Circle Time Braille Kit

Ideas for circle time activities to develop pre-braille skills in young children who are blind or visually impaired

Growing a Rainbow: Accessible Ideas for Children with Multiple Disabilities

Preschool children with visual impairment can learn basic concepts, hands-on activities, and the book can be made accessible through a story box, tactile symbols, picture symbols, and a talking book.

Spring Activities

Experience Books

Make your own experience books as the students explore the signs of Spring. Attached new leaves, grass, or flowers on a card book and write about it.

Sensory Bins

Creating interactive learning among our students creates interest, exploration, and uses a variety of skills. Using sensory bins for theme based learning touches on various learning objectives.

Butterfly and flowers sensory bin with plastic flowers and butterflies together with coffee beans in a two bin table. The other bin has small pots, scoops and small boxes. Around it are books with the theme and a caterpillar/butterfly house.

Make an indoor planting station sensory bin with dirt, seeds, flowers, pots, and hand shovels. STEM learning can take place in so many ways with this. The picture shows a container that can be purchased through Lakeshore.

A container flower garden with a rectangular base filled with dirt and seeds that have grown flowers.

Make areas of indoor learning by having a plant station where students can dig in dirt, make flower pots, plant seeds, and learn about a plant’s life cycle

Itsy Bitsy Spider: Circle Time Braille Kit

This circle time braille kit focuses on the letter “s” and related skills through hands-on activities for emerging braille readers.

Water Cycle Bulletin Board

A teacher makes a bulletin board that is accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired, using braille and tactile graphics to explain the water cycle.

Nature Walks

Nature walks can inspire students with visual impairments to write about what they find.

Messy and Muddy: A Guide to Outdoor Play for Children with Vision Impairment

A little girl stepping in the mud.

Eggs and Easter Ideas and Activities

There are some great resources shared by teachers on Paths to Literacy. We highlighted just a few to help with your lesson planning and goals during this springtime. We have egg hunt ideas for our students with visual impairments and Easter crafts.

Various colored Easter eggs that are lit up
Colored illustration of animals with alphabet letters A, B, C, D
Activity and strategy

Alphabet Objects

textured craft of eclipse with a sun and a moon that can cover the sun

The Incredible Edible Eclipse


Ideas for Teaching Tracking and other Tactile Skills