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The Easter Story Simplified for Beginning Braille Readers

The Easter Story from the Bible is simplified for beginning braille readers and children who are deafblind using interactive tactile symbols.

I have two boys.  My oldest is 6 years old and is deafblind.  My youngest is 3 years old and has typical vision and hearing.  Every year in their Easter baskets I like to give the boys books that share the Easter Story.  This year I made a book with tactile graphics and braille for my oldest son that tells the Easter Story.  It is a book that he can bring with him to church and keep there to add to his collection of “Bible” books.  I summarized the Easter story and kept it simple so that it was a book he could read independently (with some help).

  • The wooden cut-out of a man represents Jesus.  He has Velcro placed on the back of him, so that he can be moved throughout the story pages in this interactive book.


Title: Easter Story


Page 1:  Jesus loves you.  Jesus died on the cross for you.

Wooden figure on left page and cross with velcro dot on right page with braille and print text.Placing Jesus figure on wooden cross


Page 2: Jesus’ friends were sad.  They put Jesus in a tomb.

Wooden figure of Jesus being placed on velcro dot in tombWooden figure surrounded by small stones with text in print and braille


Page 3: 3 days later Jesus was not in the tomb.

Small stones in circle with print and braille text


Page 4: 2 women were looking for Jesus.

Two wooden figures with text in braille and print


Page 5: Angel told them Jesus is not here.  Jesus is Alive.

Wooden figure with halo with text in print and braille


Page 6: Jesus is Alive!  Resurrection.

Empty Velcro dot on page with print and braille textWooden figure with braille and print text


Collage of the Easter Story

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