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Family Game Time: Modified Ladybug Game

Adapted color matching game to play with children who are blind or deafblind using braille and other modifications.

I have two sons.  My oldest, Liam, is 7 years old and is deafblind.  My youngest, Finn, is 4 years old and has typical vision and hearing.  I saw this cute little game at a thrift shop and thought that it had great tactile pieces that would be easy to modify.  I have been wanting to get the boys a game that we could learn to play together that everyone could participate in and enjoy.  My main objective (besides fun time together smiley) is to practice turn taking.  

How to play: 

Lucky Ladybug Color Match-Up
The purpose is to roll the die and whatever color shows on the die is the color you need to find and match using the ladybugs on the board.  


Colored circles on the die and on the ladybugs:Adapted pieces of ladybug game
  • First letter of the color in braille 









  • Small piece of foam stuck to the bottom of the die and ladybug pieces to show orientation of the braille letters.  adapted die







  • The die also includes braille and foam pieces. (It does roll quite nicely even with the foam!)
  • Small box to roll the die in


Other options:

This game could also be modified in different ways, such as using different textures to the circles to match instead of the braille.  I also thought it would be fun to add words to the ladybugs and when you roll the die you have to find the words that start with the correct letter!


Manhattan Toy Lucky Ladybug Color Match-Up
Pinterest collage for adapted color-matching game
Uno braille playing cards with large print
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