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Festive Christmas Stocking Game

This Christmas game encourages braille reading, matching and tactile discrimination.

This is a festive game aimed at Key stage 1 (1st grade) pupils. The pupil needs to match the braille label to the object. I made it for a Year 1 pupil who is 5 years old, but it could be used for younger or older children, depending on their abilities. This game encourages braille reading, matching and tactile discrimination.


materials for festive Christmas activity



  • 10 objects (more or less depending on the child’s ability)
  • Card
  • Sticky back plastic to braille onto
  • Perkins brailler
  • A tray







  • Firstly gather your objects together and put into a Christmas Stocking or Basket. I would suggest using a variety of sensory objects, e.g. a noisy object, a spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger), something rough, soft, prickly, woolly, etc.
  • Next type your labels up in print first. Print and stick onto card.
  • Then stick your braille labels on the top of them.
  • A tray is useful to lay the labels out on and the objects. The child chooses a label, reads it and then finds the matching object.  They can either dip into the stocking or you can place them onto the tray. You can vary the objects and amounts making it harder or easier. You can use this kind of game during the year for any traditional holiday eg, Easter,  or the seasons, Summer. Spring, Autumn, Winter or for a topic just collect the objects that are appropriate.


This activity encourages:
  • braille reading 
  • tactile discrimination
  • matching skills


This is a single activity, which can be used with one child or a group. All children love exploring the objects. 
Collage of festive Christmas stocking
Uno braille playing cards with large print
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