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Activity and strategy

Greater Than or Less Than with UNO

Reinforcing Nemeth skills through virtual instruction during school closures using braille UNO cards with students who are blind or visually impaired

I came up with this activity during virtual Instruction in Covid-19 as a way to add some fun into our virtual lessons. My student does this activity as an individual, using Braille UNO cards. She draws the cards, shows them to me via the device screen, and tells me the number she has created. Then she draws more cards to create second number. Next, I ask her if the first number is greater or less than the second number. After she answers, then I ask the student to tell me how she would write that number in Nemeth. She includes symbols and spaces in her verbal description of how to write the comparison.

  • Deck of Braille UNO cards or regular deck of UNO cards accommodated with braille number stickers
  1. First, student draws 2-3 cards from the deck and puts them together to make a number.
  2. Next, student draws 2-3 more cards from the deck and puts them together to make another number.
  3. Then, student determines if first number is greater than or less than the second number.
  4. Last step, student verbalizes how that number comparison would be written in Nemeth.
  • If student draws a skip or draw 2 or 4 cards, those are put aside. Only number cards are used.
  • This activity can be done individually or with a partner.
  • Activity can be done virtually or in person.
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