A young girl with glasses examines a feather while holding a bottle of glue.

Tips and techniques

Make your reports even better!

TVIs need to do FVAs and LMAs regularly and these guidelines from TVI Jaime Brown can help to make your evaluation reports even better.  She suggests presenting information objectively, using student-first language, and emphasizing a student’s strengths and abilities to strengthen your reports.  

Tips and activities

Get started with professional learning networks 

Special Education teachers often feel isolated and many are eager to share information and support through a Professional Learning Network (PLN).  TVI Deedra Finch shares ideas to create a successful PLN, such as hosting make-and-take activities, sharing resources, and building in time for networking.  Do you belong to a PLN?

Tactile cards showing the process of seeds growing
 A girl in a wheelchair reaches towards a card with the word “on” printed on it.

 Tips and techniques

Taking the long view for success

Many TVIs with students on their caseloads who have varying multiple impairments wonder how to be effective members of their educational programs. Faye Gonzalez offers several practical tips to help TVIs participate meaningfully in these students’ learning for achieving long term success. Try these to help your students grow and develop new skills for independence. 

Tools for your classroom

Eleven short videos were developed by Dr. Tina Herzberg and Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum focused on answering common questions about how to educate students with visual impairment in general ed settings. They were originally developed for general education teachers, but are also appropriate for paraprofessionals, therapists, administrators, family members, and others.