A young boy places clothes in the washing machine

Daily life 

The story of a washing machine

When Miha’s family realized that “anything can be a source for learning”, everyday activities like laundry took on new importance. They saw how many concepts he learned when he was included in the routine steps for using a washing machine.  Read their story to see how participating in daily family life can help your child develop new skills and independence.

Tips and activities

Books can help with social stress

The mother of a teenage boy with CHARGE Syndrome was concerned because her son has a hard time with crowds. They attend baseball games regularly. His sister helped him find a quiet space to sit and they wrote a story about this, using photos, ASL signs, and large print. This book has made all the difference!

Page from social story with photo of a boy with glasses and the text “I signed to my mom that I was upset.”  The ASL sign for “upset” is included.
 A girl reads a braille book

Tips and guides

Analyze your child’s Independent Education Program

Have you ever wondered whether your child’s program is meeting educational standards related to his or her visual impairment? How would you know if these aspects of programming are truly “quality”? Among all the buzz about educational accountability, how can you tell whether your child’s unique visual impairment-related needs are being met?  

Dots for families

There are lessons to assist you in learning to read and write the braille code in addition to information to promote your child’s literacy development.