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Clipboard with a checklist and a pen

Accessibility in the Workplace: A Research Survey

Illustrated bus with Back to School written on its side with a large book and pencil on top of it

Back To School In 2022

Little boy in a grassy field, sitting and thinking with glasses on

The Gifted and Talented Student Who is Also Blind or Has Low Vision

Apps and technology

Alexa Has A Bilingual Mode

SAM symbols and meaning title
Activity and strategy

SAM: Symbols and Meaning

Boom Cards title

Boom Cards Learning Back-to-School Symposium


Whispers, A New Book by Author Feather Chelle

Student making a flower craft with paper, lace, textures, and popsicle sticks
Activity and strategy

Crafting for Concepts

A little girl on happily reading a book holding a teddy bear
Activity and strategy

Creating A Story Box For Our Students With CVI

Butterfly and flowers sensory bin with plastic flowers and butterflies together with coffee beans in a two bin table. The other bin has small pots, scoops and small boxes. Around it are books with the theme and a caterpillar/butterfly house.
Activity and strategy

Sensory Bins

Student making orange juice with a teacher using a juicing machine.
Activity and strategy

Non-Visual Multi-Sensory Experiences for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Elephant Braille Design in UEB
Activity and strategy

Elephant Braille Design