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3-D symbols that include a the laundry room is a hook, the school store is a couple of gold coins, and the student’s classroom is a number 3, the first number in his classroom number.
Activity and strategy

3D Destination Symbols for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Teacher at the blackboard looking at us

Six Ways to Wrap Up the School Year

Project Inspire logo with title in print and braille with an illustrated owl reading a book.

Project INSPIRE Summer Courses 2023

Braille Literacy Canada

3rd Annual Braille Literacy Canada Virtual Symposium

Braille Doodle

The BrailleDoodle Kickstarter Project

Serif and Sans Font with "T"

Understanding Print Size and Text Readability

Krish standing with her brother, holding her cane, standing at Epcot.

Poems from Krishangi


Sensory Friendly Storytime

The word ENGLISH being written with a marker and another hand underlining it.

How to Modify Lessons for Blind and Low Vision English Learners

Notebook with the word POETRY written on it.

April is National Poetry Month

A boy reading a book closely with subjects written in the background.

Guidelines Determining Frequency of Services to Support Learners with CVI

Woman lecturing with a book and pointer in her hand and a black board behind her.

How to Make Scientific Meetings and Conferences Accessible