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A sea turtle swimming in the ocean.

Sea Turtle Braille Art Design

A card saying "Happy Holidays" on it surrounded by pine tree branches

Holiday Ideas and Activities for 2023

Two green slates and green two styluses

Slate and Stylus Braille Art Design

Ear of corn

Thanksgiving Concept Box

Thanksgiving placemat with cut out paper hands and a cut out foot in the middle with a child's hands touching the braille words on them. It is What They are Thankful for...Mom, Dad, dog

Braille Turkey Placemat

The numbers 1 through 9 shown on a red background

Introducing Numbers: Tips and Tricks

Three ostriches running in a field

Ostrich Braille Art Design

Student looking at paper with various shapes and symbols on it, alongside two teachers.

It Takes a Village

Getting in Touch with Literacy logo for the 2023 conference with a sun and a book.

Get Together at GITWL

A cornucopia overflowing with fruits and vegetables

Thanksgiving Lessons and Ideas 2023

Child's hand sorting candy from Halloween

Sorting Through the Candy Coma

Birthday box container with a paper hat, ribbon, candles, cupcake wrappers, blow horn, and balloon.

Experience Box – Happy Birthday!