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Lesson: Let’s Go Fishing

Let's Go Fishing is a fun braille activity to practice numbers and letters by learning to identify them.

fish puzzle pieces in a box with braille letters and numbers on them.

Performance Objectives (Learning Outcomes):

The student will be able to identify braille numbers and letters.

Fish puzzle with braille letters and number put on them
Student putting puzzle pieces in by matching the braille letters and numbers.

Instructional Materials:

  • Teachers need to purchase Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy from Amazon.
  • A bowl or container to put wooden fish in.
  • Braille label maker or braille stickers which are available through APH (American Printing House for the Blind)
  • Please note the teacher must put the braille letters/numbers onto the fish before starting the lesson. Braille must be put on the board if the teacher wants the student to correctly find the match.
  • For Closure Activity, I used a “6 cell” mini paint set and pom-poms (see images below). Anything similar will work.
Young girl "fishing" pieces of the fish puzzle out of a box with a magnetic pole to place in the puzzle.



  • Tell student that we are going to go fishing today.
  • Allow student to put the wooden fish into the bowl/container. Make sure they
    are all right side up and the magnet is showing.
  • Allow student to explore the fishing pole, the wooden fish, and the board. Student
    needs to understand that the magnet is the front of the fish so they are holding it
Young girl matching fish puzzle pieces with the braille letters on them.


  • Student will take the magnet fishing pole and “fish” for one of the braille/numbers
    in the bowl. Note that some students may need some guidance with getting the two magnets to connect
  • Student will then feel the braille on the fish and then correctly place it in the
    correct position on the board.
  • Continue doing this until all fish are gone. Student and teacher can even take
    turns going fishing. Allow student to confirm you (teacher) have the correct
Student using a 6 hole paint pan to put pom-pom balls in to practice making braille letters.


  • Allow student to make letters using the pom-poms and the 6 cell “braille cell.”
  • If there was a certain letter/number the student struggled on, have them work on
    making them.
  • Do as many as time allows.
Lesson: Let's Go Fishing, learning our numbers and letters title with a picture of a student doing the fish puzzle that has braille letters and numbers on each fish.
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