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Marvin’s Market Adventure: Interactive Book

This interactive book uses a theme-based approach to bring literacy to life for children who are blind or visually impaired or with multiple disabilities.

Marvin’s Market Adventure and Grandma’s Special Birthday Picnic is both a story and an educational resource pack. It offers a holistic approach to emergent literacy development,  embracing rich concrete experiences involving objects, people and activities related to the concept of the Market Place.

Theme-Based Approach

Using a theme-based approach during the emergent stages of literacy development enables us to offer a multitude of rich learning opportunities.  The suggested activities in this resource support the key elements of emergent literacy: tactile discrimination, fine motor, book/story skills and language development.

Read the lovely story of Marvin on his adventure at the market place and at the same time maximise the learning opportunities using this holistic, fun and creative approach to literacy.

“Marvin was a kind a little boy and he loved to visit his Grandma and help her to look after her beautiful garden. One day he decided he would surprise her as it was her birthday and he want to make her a special picnic. He wrote his list of all the things he would need for the picnic and set off to the market to make his purchases. He would buy a beautiful flower for her garden, a little shiny fish for her pond… little did he know that he was in for a surprise! He meets Little Shiny Fish and Sunny Sunflower who are MAGIC! He helps Veg Man Vernon and Fishman Phil and meets Flora Flower and Barbara Baker the lovely cake maker along the way.

Create an Interactive Story with Real Objects

We made this story interactive by adding real objects to the pages of the book.  You can create your own interactive story book based on a story your child likes, add real objects to laminated pages and pop into a lever arch folder. Find objects that match and create a bag to put them in.

Title page of Marvin's Market Adventure with glasses attached  Paper bag attached to page of book


Yellow tulip  Shiny fish


Three carrots attached to a page  Chef's hat


Red mylar pompom


Video of Marvin’s Story


Fun today in Positive Eye Headquarters, Marvin’s market adventure and Grandma’s special birthday picnic, a rich educational resource based on a story of a little boy called Marvin. Each page packed with rich learning opportunities as the story is told. He meets lots of characters along the way at the marketplace. 

Each page packed full of lots of great ideas laid within the story. Tactile, fine motor, language development, social, and emotional, being kind and helpful, and much more. Back of the book is a massive section with huge amounts of ideas and activities to support and maximize the learning from each stall. 

And then today I also built a book based on each market stall that Marvin visits. It’s totally interactive. There’s Marvin glasses that the children can take off and put on. There’s his shopping bag. And then there’s something from each stall. 

The flower from Flora Flower’s stall, the carrots from Veg Man Vernon’s stall, the fish from Fishman Phil’s stall. From Fishman Phil’s stall! Barbara Baker’s hat. Barbara Baker, the lovely cake maker. And finally, the pom-pom from Grandma’s picnic. 

And then over here, on my table, I’ve got all the matching items from the book. So they can match their items, they can place the items in the bag as you’re telling the story. They can take the items out of the bag as you’re telling the story. So lots of great, rich learning opportunities. 

It does actually come with a separate character booklet, so the children could just look at this book while you’re telling the story. Nice, simple pictures. 

So it also has an audio version read by a professional actor. It has a song sung by my son, Tom, “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Marvin,” composed and sung by Tom.

Many thanks, folks. Bye for now. 


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