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Activity and strategy

Nature Board

This tactile Nature Board can be used to motivate and support students in braille and math activities.

My soon to be 1st grade student LOVES bugs and the grass texture is his favorite. And what I mean by “favorite” is he will focus solely on the texture and nothing else. The goal is to use this texture as a means to lure him in to the activities we need him to work on, as well as the related activities below.
This board has numerous uses:
  1. Counting to 10/subtracting from 10
  2. One-to-one correspondence
  3. Braille symbol review
  4. Science – bug study
  5. Learning to read a tactile graphic/creating a graphic
I know this is just the beginning of what we will be using this for.
While this was originally designed to be a concept card to teach him about bugs, after conversing with his educational team for the fall, I decided to turn it into a multiple use board taking advantage of his interests.



nature board collage



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