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New Posters and Nemeth Reference Sheets

These posters and nemeth reference sheets were created to help TVIs, support staff, IEP team members, and for exposure with our sighted peers that can be shared by all for free.

Nemeth Reference Sheets

I have been making these Nemeth reference sheets for myself and my vision para when typing elementary-lower middle school grade math problems. I thought I would share as others might find them helpful to print or share with parents and teachers.


Below are informational posters on Canva to hang around the school. They both have QR codes to direct people to sites with more information. The first poster introduces braille and the other shows different types of cane tips.

A student holding a piece of paper with a variety of line types such as vertical lines, spirals, a dotted line, and a set of intersecting lines.

Let’s Learn Lines

6 square piece puzzle from APH to match textures.

The Importance of Textures

Outside classroom with a braille sign that says Vision Program.

Classroom Decorating for Visual and Sensory Needs