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Paths to Literacy Flyers

Flyers for the Paths to Literacy website in various formats, including text, braille and Duxbury.

Ad for Paths to Literacy

We invite you to download our flyer to share with colleagues, families, and anyone who might be interested.  We have two different print versions, as well as a brf file and a dxb file.

Flyer 1:  Download here.

Flyer 2:  Download here.

.brf flyer:  Download here.

.dxb flyer:  Download here.


Paths to Literacy flyer screenshot

Liam using the low tech restaurant book

Communication Tools in the Community for Students who are Deafblind

Six students in cap and gowns jumping in the air.

End of Year Wrap Up for Teachers

A boy using a video magnifier
Tips and guides

Video Magnifiers or CCTVs